How To Select The Best Domain Name?

Starting your own business and don’t know how? Well, the first and the foremost thing when considering to start an online business is – YOUR WEBSITE!

No doubt, all the websites have a name like a URL. The website URL, as it is called, typically points to the physical location (of your website) on the web and is called the Domain name or simple Domain.

Selecting a good domain name for your website can be tricky. While sometimes the domain name you want may be taken already, you will see that just a small change in the domain name can give you a much better and SEO friendly name for your website. So, before you apply for a domain name, you will have to decide the best domain name for your website.

Here are some guidelines on “how to select the best Domain name”:

1. Choose a name with major keywords: Initially, choose a name which contains the major keywords of your website. For example, if your site concentrates on web hosting, then you should obviously choose a name which is in relation to the web hosting. This helps you to find your website in major search engines.

2. Short and appropriate: You can choose a name, a maximum of 67 characters but that doesn’t mean to use all the 67 characters. Choose a name which is short and appropriate. It should not be too long (not all the members bookmark the page) that users find it hard to remember and it shouldn’t be too short that nobody will know what your site is for (unless it is a famous brand).

3. Special characters: Try to avoid arbitragehero  the special characters in the name, like hyphens. This is hard for the user to remember and there are chances that the user is redirected to another website.

4. Domain extensions: As we know, there are many Domain extensions: .com, .net, .in, .org, etc. Moreover, a domain extension can also be based on the country like, “”, “.jp”, etc. For example, if your website target’s only on Chinese then choose a website name with “.cn” extension. But, if it’s worldwide then you can choose any of the famous extensions like “.com”, “.in”, “.org”, etc.

5. Multiple Extensions: Register your domain name with various extensions, so as that others may not copy the name. For example, register the same name with “.net”, “.org”, “.in”, etc.

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