Common Dropshipping Problems & How to Manage Them

Delays with shipping
Occasionally, your customers’ orders might get delayed. This could be because of something the dropshipping supplier didn’t do, or it might be down to the carrier that’s shipping the item. Even the best suppliers, from the best drop ship directory, will have problems with their delivery every once in a while. The key thing for your business, is how you manage the problem with your customer.

You should have already made them aware that their purchase was coming direct from the supplier, and given them realistic timescales for when the item would arrive. If you find out about the delay from your drop ship supplier, let your customer know as soon as possible, and tell them what kind of delay to expect. They might not be to happy, but they will hopefully understand. If you find out from the customer that their item hasn’t arrived when it should have, you will need to chase your supplier to find out what the problem is, and make sure you keep your customer informed, until their item arrives.

Missing orders
Sometimes, orders from¬† ¬† Dropshipping Supplier UK your dropshipping supplier aren’t just delayed, they go missing altogether. You will usually only find this out when your customer contacts you to say they haven’t received their purchase. This does happen, but it doesn’t always mean it’s the drop ship company that’s at fault, or worse, that there’s anything underhand going on. It’s usually the shipping company (USPS, FedEx or DHL) that has lost the product. During high seasons, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas the chances of losing a product increase. That’s why it’s important to choose a drop ship supplier that provides with a tracking number.

If your product sourcing research was sound, and you used a good drop ship directory, you should have a good supplier. You need to give them the benefit of the doubt, and work with them to try and resolve the problem.

You should have made sure you got a tracking number for the missing shipment, which will be necessary to show where the shipment was lost, and who is responsible for replacing it, or compensating the customer.

Knowing your drop ship supplier’s policy on missing items will mean you can deal with the problem quickly, and get a positive outcome for you and your customer. If despite your best efforts, your supplier has let you down and won’t resolve the situation, you might have to provide the customer with a replacement or a refund yourself, to avoid any damage to your reputation.

It is not possible that all these manufacturers will work with you. This method of finding the right supplier can take some extra time, but the rewards are definitely valuable in terms of good supplier.

You can also try to get the lists of the people that have free wholesale dropship sources. In the list, it is not possible that all the suppliers are good; you have to work hard and take out few good suppliers according to own experience from the list. In this method, the main problem is that most lists of the dropshippers are old and filled with fake companies.

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